Zero compromises for ultimate TechDAS turntable

It’s called the Air Force Zero and it’s set to be the largest, heaviest and most expensive turntable in the burgeoning TechDAS high-end record deck line-up.

The newcomer made its world debut at an invitation-only event in Tokyo two weekends ago, and is set to embark on a world tour, with a reveal at Munich’s High End Show in May a particular highlight.

The newcomer has a total projected weight in excess of 500 kg, thanks to a multicomponent construction that incorporates a primary chassis, a platter base, and five-platter assembly with a combined mass of 118 kg.

Three of the platters are made of stainless steel, while the third and fifth platter feature cast gunmetal and power-sintered tungsten respectively. The platter assembly is belt-driven.

The drive assembly consists of a three-phase, 12-pole AC synchronous motor sourced from Germany, combined with a non-flexible polyurethane fibre drive belt. The motor delivers high torque during the start-up phase, then reverts to a low-torque, low-vibration mode once the correct platter speed has been reached.

The integrated air suspension system is a TechDAS hallmark, and has been further upgraded to cope with the turntable’s significant weight. It’s powered by an electric air pump system. To tonearm base mounts are supplied with the turntable

While no official pricing has been released, the TechDAS Air Force Zero is expected to retail for around US$350 000, excluding tonearm and cartridge. That should ensure that it will also be one of the world’s most exclusive turntables.

HFX Systems