Third turntable joins McIntosh ranks

McIntosh MT2

McIntosh Labs has added a third turntable to its product line-up, confirming the continuing growth in demand for vinyl spinners.

The MT2 Precision Turntable joints the MT10 and MT5 as the most affordable member of the McIntosh record deck range. But at face value, it doesn’t skimp on features nor construction.

The belt-drive design is meant to offer plug ’n play convenience, with all key parameters – tracking force, anti-skate, overhang and VTH – preset at the factory before shipping.

The new turntable uses a thick outer platter made from polyoxymethylene, which is both inert and heavy. It rests on a precision-milled aluminium inner platter with a steel shaft and a sintered bronze bushing.

The MT2 comes with an aluminium tonearm featuring vertical bearings using ceramic surfaces with damping fluid, and a gimballed sapphire horizontal bearing. The tonearm is fitted with a Sumiko Blue Point high-output moving coil cartridge for the sake of broad compatibility and performance.

The McIntosh deck’s belt drive system is powered by a DC motor with a separate power supply, while the plinth links a compressed wood base to a pair of acrylic plates to combat resonance.