Thales makes a Statement

Swiss specialist tonearm and turntable producer Thales has launched a new flagship tonearm. Shown at the recent Munich High End show, the Statement is the latest expression of the company’s tangential pivoted tonearm technology.

The Statement reflects the pinnacle of 12 years of design and development, and combines its perfect tracking geometry with optimised mechanical energy management, thanks to its use of high-strength aluminium alloy and the careful design of the components impacting on energy flow.

The new tonearm achieves new levels of vibration and resonance resistance, which translates into measurably and audibly lower distortion. The bearing is entirely encapsulated, while, the Statement can be ordered in various finishes, including gold, rhodium and ruthenium.

The Statement includes an integrated system for precise adjustment of VTA and azimuth to ensure perfect cartridge alignment. Connection options include a 5-pin DIN or direct wiring, while five counterweight options will allow a wide range of cartridge weights, from 7 to 20 grams.

The Thales Statement is manufactured from 288 separate parts, each of which has to pass exacting quality control inspections before being assembled by hand by experienced watchmakers.

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