Technics debuts high-end network disc spinner

Technics has added a versatile digital player with disc-spinning and networking capabilities to its high-end Grand Class line-up. The newcomer features premium components, painstaking construction, and comprehensive noise and interference countermeasures, as well as innovative technologies.

The SL-G700 combines a high-rigidity, SACD-capable disc drive with top-class DAC chips, a hybrid power supply and discrete amplification for the output stage.

The DAC section is driven by AK4497 chips, one for each channel, and upsamples even MP3s to 192 kHz/32-bit resolution. The clock generator uses a battery-based power supply for ultimate noise control, and the construction carefully separates analogue and digital sections for further isolation from potential interference.

The SL-G700 plays back DSD natively and offers a dedicated SACD playback mode which switches off all superfluous circuitry for optimum quality. The deck is also MQA-compatible for both MQA files and MQA-encoded CDs.

Apart from physical, disc-based media, the SL-G700 offers an extensive array of playback sources, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple AirPlay, and a full complement of digital inputs, including USB.

It also provides integrated support for streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify Connect, as well as Internet-based radio. A high-quality headphone amp is built in, making for a comprehensive, versatile and high-end playback device.

South African pricing and availability has not been confirmed.

Panasonic SA