SA-produced upgrades make LP12 sing!

May 7, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

After a long gestation period, DewAudio has released two key upgrades for the venerable Linn LP12 turntable. The upgrades are designed to offer a significant sonic improvement, and because they’re locally made, they’re highly cost effective, too. Designed and developed […]

A turntable that does it all?

January 29, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

McIntosh has given new meaning to the all-in-one concept by creating a self-contained turntable that includes a phono stage, pre-amp, power amp, DAC and headphone amp – all in a compact form factor not much bigger than a regular disc […]

Real science behind turntable’s magic platter

January 22, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

You could be excused for believing that there’s magic at play when first encountering Slovenian start-up Mag-Lev’s innovative LM1 turntable. That’s because it features a platter that levitates completely, without any contact with the plinth. As a result, the ML1 […]

Revolve Turntable: An audio obsession

January 15, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

Many of us dream of being able to afford a truly high-end turntable. But Lance Dixon has taken that dream one step further: he’s designed, developed, engineered and assembled his own top-class turntable. And it’s truly a work of sonic […]

Technics brings simpler SL to the turntable game

January 15, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

Technics has added a simpler, more accessible model to its SL-series turntable range. Like the latest, high-end iteration of the legendary SL-1200, the SL-1500C is a direct-drive design, but comes standard with a built-in moving magnet-compatible phono stage and an […]

DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner: Cleaning up

October 16, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Dust and grime are the enemy of any vinyl playback system. That’s especially true of the phono cartridge – and the stylus, in particular. DS Audio has come up with an ingeniously simple, user-friendly and effective solution. By Deon Schoeman […]

Yamaha’s turntable links past and future

September 11, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Those who still consider turntables and vinyl the stuff of yesteryear should take a look at the new Yamaha TT-N503: a belt-drive turntable that also includes network connectivity, music streaming and multiroom capability. At face value, the TT-N503 looks just […]

Yamaha takes aim at the high end

August 28, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

After months of rumours, Yamaha has finally released a range of new, high-end components. The Yamaha 5000 Series consists of a stereo pre-amplifier, a stereo power amplifier, and a belt-drive turntable. They join the NS-5000 stand-mount speakers released in late […]

Exclusive tonearm range now in South Africa

August 21, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

One of the world’s most exclusive – and expensive – tonearms is now available in South Africa through HFX Systems. Swedish Analog Technologies (SAT) is the brainchild of Barcelona-born Marc Gomez, and the original SAT tonearm caused a sensation when […]