More Melody from Marantz

June 11, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

Following on the recent launch of the new Melody M-CR612 (also known as the Melody X), Marantz has added a lower-specced, more affordable model to its all-in-one lifestyle hi-fi family. The M-CR412 still offers an integrated CD player, built-in Bluetooth, […]

Marantz bids legendary Ishiwata farewell

May 21, 2019 Deon Schoeman 0

One of the audio industry’s longest-standing partnerships has been dissolved with the announcement that the legendary Ken Ishiwata will no longer be acting as the brand ambassador for Marantz. The charismatic Ishiwata’s relationship with the Marantz brand stretches back 41 […]

IMAX heading for home theatre

September 11, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

IMAX, better known for its supersized commercial movie theatre experiences, is taking aim at the home cinema environment with a set of high-res audio and 4K video standards it calls IMAX Enhanced. Teaming up with AV audio experts DTS, the […]

New Marantz AV receivers arrive

August 14, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

An updated range of Marantz AV receivers has been launched in South Africa. The most significant features of the newcomers include support for Amazon’s Alexa voice command protocol, as well as compatibility with the HEOS multiroom system. The latest Apple […]

Marantz PM8006: Pace, power and finesse

June 12, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

With its curved fascia, finely finished controls and blue indicators, the Marantz PM8006 is a handsome piece of kit, with a features set to match. But it’s how this stereo amplifier treats the music that really counts …   Stereo […]

Marantz SA-10: Digital upper class

May 1, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

The Marantz SA-10 is an innovative, no-holds-barred CD/SACD player seeking to prove that the age of streaming hasn’t made physical media – and the hardware to play them – redundant. Can it live up to that promise?   Competing in […]