T+A celebrates 40 years with special Solitaire speaker

The T+A CTW 1000-40 is the latest chapter in the marque’s Solitaire loudspeaker story. The first Solitaire made its debut in 1983, and the speakers have steadily evolved since then, with innovation, quality and sonic performance as the consistent hallmarks.

The CTW 1000-40 celebrates T+A’s 40th anniversary, and offers further improvements and refinements to the CWT SE models introduced five years ago. The primary enhancements include the new baffle design, further improvements to the drive units, and an optimised enclosure construction aimed at eliminating resonance.

The Cylinder Wave Transducer technology employed in the speaker is meant to generate an homogenous sound field without transmitting midrange and treble frequencies downwards, or above the cabinet in order to reduce reflected sound, which in turn minimised interaction with the room’s acoustics.

To achieve this, the speaker links a longitudinal, 50 x 960 mm electrostatic transducer to an eight-driver 120 mm midrange array and four 210 mm side-firing woofers in a dedicated sealed chamber. The multi-layered, laminated construction of the speaker enclosure ensures a rigid and heavy construction.

The CTW 1000-40 has a rated sensitivity of 88 dB and a peak power handling capacity of 450 watts, with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. A high-grade crossover network provides crossover points at 200n Hz and 2 kHz. Each speaker weights 80 kg.

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