Smaller – but still towers of power!

If you’ve always lusted after the larger-than-life McIntosh XRT2.1K speaker towers, but found them just too big, too intimidating, or too expensive (or all of the above), here’s some good news: there’s now a more compact, more accessible XRT speaker system.

The XRT1.1K might be smaller than its illustrious bigger brother, but it’s by no means diminutive. Yes, it’s 350 mm shorter and 78 kg lighter, but it still packs a 1,2 kW sonic punch.

The four-way design features a linear driver array combined with bass-reflex enclosures, and promises both precise imaging and a broad sweet spot. The 70-strong driver complement comprises four 165 mm woofers, a pair of 165 mm mid/bass drivers, 24 upper-frequency midranges with a 51mm diameter, and no less than 40 19mm tweeters.

The woofers and mid/bass drivers, with their stiff diaphragms and long-throw action, are located in a bass enclosure behind the line array. The array is suspended in front of the bass cabinet using steel spiders, while black cloth covers are provided for protection.

Shipping of the new McIntosh XTR1.1K starts this month. US pricing is pegged at US$60 000 per pair.

HFX Systems