SA-produced upgrades make LP12 sing!

After a long gestation period, DewAudio has released two key upgrades for the venerable Linn LP12 turntable. The upgrades are designed to offer a significant sonic improvement, and because they’re locally made, they’re highly cost effective, too.

Designed and developed by Dewald Visser, and precision-manufactured by Seventy Seven Mfg. Co. using CNC milling equipment, the DewAudio Starmap and Startrail address some of the shortcomings of the original LP12 design.

The Starmap replaces the standard stainless steel plate with a dual-layer design that improves stiffness and addresses resonance. There’s also a new, thick aluminium base plate that adds to the turntable’s overall rigidity, and makes provision for spikes or feet via M6-threaded holes.

DewAudio Starmap

The Startrail kit is a one-piece, milled aluminium subchassis with specially developed acetyl bobbins instead of the standard Linn rubber grommets. The unit has been constructed to deliver short standing wave damping properties, which promises to translate into improved clarity and resolution.

The two kits are marketed separately, and can be fitted independently of each other, or as a two-stage upgrade process, with the combination of the two said to yield optimum results. Pricing is R8 000 per kit, excluding fitment costs.

The arrival of the Starmap and Startrail is particularly pertinent in the wake of Linn’s October announcement that it no longer offers service or support to continental Africa. The company plans to introduce additional products and upgrades in the future.

Seventy Seven Mfg. Co.