Ribbon cable promises airy sound

German cable specialist In-Akustik has made quite a name for itself with its AIR technology, which uses a helical conductor configuration and a clever spacer system to effectively achieved an air-based dielectric – considered the ultimate in cable design.

However, the downside is a thick and somewhat ungainly cable that, while beautifully constructed and surprisingly flexible – isn’t exactly easy to conceal. It is, quite simply, a statement cable with the looks to match.

Now, the innovative engineers at In-Akustik have come up with a ribbon-style AIR speaker cable that swaps the helical conductor arrangement for a flat one, with four conductors positioned next to each other.

The conductors remain separated by special clips, which means conventional insulation material can be omitted, which in turn creates the air dielectric at the core of the company’s AIR technology. The new design is both more affordable, and has a much more user-friendly form factor.

The result is the LS-804 AIR – a simpler, more affordable AIR cable that still displays ultra-low capacitance, and effectively counters the so-called skin effect.

The cable’s conductors consist of high-purity copper wires braded around a PE core. The conductors are protected by an ultra-thin varnish layer that prevents eddy currents and protects the copper from oxidation.

Like all of In-Akustik’s Reference-series cables, the LS-804 AIR is hand-constructed in Germany, and can be ordered with a variety of high-quality connectors, including spades and banana plugs.

Sky Audio