Audio Video is proudly independent, and while we depend on income from banner advertising, we are in no way connected to our advertisers. Our reviews are subjective – we have neither the time nor the facilities to measure and verify specification. Reviews are conducted in a listening room emulating real-world conditions. We always contextualise reviews by highlighting the associated equipment, and the music/movies used in the process.

REVIEW: AVM Inspiration CS 2.2 4T: Audiophile all-in-one

AVM is a new arrival on the SA audio scene, but the German marque’s provenance is widely acknowledged in Europe, where its combination of fine workmanship, ease of use and sonic capability has gained it many friends. The Inspiration CS 2.2 4T is a good ...
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REVIEW: Anthem STR Integrated – Is one box better than two?

The Anthem STR line-up consists of a pre-amp, a power amp – and now, also an integrated amp. The pre/power impressed when on test a year or so ago. Can the one-box integrated deliver similar sonics in a more convenient form factor? By Deon Schoeman ...
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FIRST LISTEN: dCS Bartók – Unshackling the music

Since its low-key introduction some months back, the dCS Bartok network streamer/DAC/pre-amp has been in high demand globally. We managed to grab a brief, first listen to the much-vaunted newcomer By Deon Schoeman The dCS Bartók comes with a prodigious pedigree. It also packs a ...
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REVIEW: Furutech DSS-4.1 speaker cable: Clearly talented

Audio cables are easily overlooked, often underrated and generally misunderstood. Really good cables are also usually really expensive. The Furutech DSS-4.1 speaker cable is in the upper class in sonic performance terms – but you can save significantly by buying it off the reel By ...
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