Real science behind turntable’s magic platter

You could be excused for believing that there’s magic at play when first encountering Slovenian start-up Mag-Lev’s innovative LM1 turntable. That’s because it features a platter that levitates completely, without any contact with the plinth.

As a result, the ML1 does without a spindle, bearing or conventional drive system – all potential sources of noise, interference and vibration. Instead, it uses a patented, contactless drive system comprising of magnet arrays and coils.

Apart from the sonic advantages, the LM-1 is a real head-turner when in operation, because the platter rotates in thin air, well clear of the plinth. When static, the platter is supported by motorised pillars that emerge from the plinth. The platter features a composite construction with integrated magnet arrays which interact with the drive system to induce rotation.

Rather than an entertaining gimmick, the LM-1 has been designed as a serious turntable that merges the sonic benefits of the innovative drive system with clean, minimalist aesthetics. The deck is fitted with Pro-Ject’s highly regarded 9cc carbon-fibre tonearm and an Ortofon OM10 cartridge.

Mag-Lev started out as a Kickstarter project in 2016, but the ML-1 is a much refined and improved version of that first attempt. The innovative turntable is now available in South Africa through The Sensory Dispensary. It retails for R39 995, while the optional dust cover adds an extra R2 995 to the asking price.

The Sensory Dispensary