P20 is PS Audio’s biggest power regenerator yet

PS Audio has released its largest, most powerful – and most ambitious – power regenerator yet. Like the smaller P5 and P10, the P20 isn’t just a power conditioner, but transforms conventional wall plug-delivered AC into noise-free, consistently regulated power.

The 47 kg monster features 16 outlets (In US Export spec) and delivers a consistent, user-adjustable voltage output, regardless of any fluctuations in the AC supply. Operating range is between 200 and 285V, with peak current delivery of 70 Amps.

Utilising technology developed for its highly regarded DirectStream digital devices, the P20’s circuitry features broad, pure-copper bus bars instead of conventional wiring, and comes equipped with a large colour touchscreen with a variable display.

Included are an integrated oscilloscope, as well as THD and power indicators. A field-programmable gate array allows easy firmware upgrades, while the unit can be remotely controlled via a web interface.

The P20’s impedance is three times lower than the P10 while providing 40 percent more power. South African retail pricing is expected to be in the region of R150 000.

PL Computers Services.