News: Pro-Ject X1 links top-class performance to affordability

When Austrian audio firm Pro-Ject launched its P1 turntable in 1991, the timing seemed all wrong: vinyl was on a downward spiral, eclipsed by the digital splendours of the compact disc.

As it turns out, vinyl has made a steady comeback since those ‘records are dead’ days, while the CD teetering on the brink obsolescence. Yes, LP sales remains modest by CD standards, but the market for turntables, tonearms and the like is thriving.

The new Pro-Ject X1 is a modern take on the P1’s core principles: precise design, quality materials, expertly handcrafted. But, says its maker, new materials and manufacturing methods have translated into a much improved product.

Highlights include a heavier, high-density plinth, a weightier acrylic platter, an improved motor with electronic speed control and decoupling, as well as a stiffer and optimally damped carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm with convenient azimuth and VTA adjustment.

Other details include a quality, low-capacitance interconnect cable, height-adjustable isolating feet, and a top-quality moving magnet cartridge provided by Ortofon. The X1 is available in gloss white, gloss black and natural walnut wood finishes.

The Pro-Ject X1 made its debut at the High End Munich show last week.

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