New Sony Master Series could up the TV ante

Sony is aiming for the television high ground with its new Master Series. The new AF9 OLED and XF9 LCD televisions employ an extensive array of proprietary technologies to deliver picture quality levels that approach pro-grade studio monitors, the company claims.

Both AF9 and ZF9 models employ a new X1 Ultimate picture processor that can apparently detect and analyse each object in an image to optimise resolution. Each object is individually remastered to deliver improved depth, texture and realism.

The new Masters Series models also introduce a new Netflix Calibrated Mode to closely mirror the picture quality of the studio evaluation master. The televisions also support CalMAN display calibration software.

The AF9 OLED features a rounded bezel and a stylish rear-mounted, fabric-covered stand to support it, creating an almost sculptural appearance.

The LCD panel employed in the ZF9 uses X-Wide Angle technology to allow consistent picture quality, almost regardless of viewing angle. X-Motion Clarity minimises motion blur, addressing one of the key challenges facing LCD panels.

A black bezel contrasts with the metallic finishes of the ZF9, while the stand is a minimalist but effective moulded aluminium design.

Both the AF9 and ZF9 feature the AndroidTV operating system, which integrates access to a rich catalogue of multimedia content. Voice control and Chromecast are built in, allowing seamless communication with smart devices, as well as access to Google Play.

The Master Series AF9 OLED televisions will be offered in 55-inch and 65-inch models, while the ZF9 LCD panels will feature 65-inch and 75-inch versions. Availability in European and global markets has not been announced.