New Dynamo subs from Martin Logan

High-end speaker maker Martin Logan has launched an all-new generation of Dynamo subwoofers. The brand might be better known for its electrostatic speakers, but it’s been building woofers to augment its ESL panels for years, in addition to an extensive line-up of standalone subs.

The new Dynamo subwoofer range focuses on new level of user-friendliness through the use of a new smartphone app, that allows intuitive remote control of a host of features, including level adjustment, low-pass filtering, LF boost and selection of listening mode presets.

It also includes a test tone generator with a 20-120 Hz sweep to help identify sources of room resonances. The app can be used with multiple Dynamo subs, and control each one independently.

Another notable feature of the Dynamo subs is the inclusion of Anthem Room Correction. ARC has been at the core of Anthem’s superb AV receivers for years and the development of an ARC mobile app makes its room correction and equalisation capabilities more accessible and intuitive.

Making the new Dynamo subwoofers ARC-compatible means the ARC app can be used to measure the sub’s in-room frequency response, after which an algorithm generates a room correction curve that’s transmitted to the subwoofer.

The new Dynamo subs can be used in conjunction with Martin Logan’s SWT-X wireless subwoofer system, which allows wireless signal transmission using the 2,4 GHz band. The system has a 15m range.

These features apart, almost every aspect of the actual Dynamo subwoofers has also been revisited. The drive units have gained larger motor systems and inverted surrounds, while the on-board power amps employ Class D tech.

As before, the subs can be located in either a front-firing or downfiring configuration, thanks to locating feet that can be repositioned, while there is a choice of rubber feet or spikes, depending on floor surface.

The five-strong range consists of three sealed designs, badged 800X, 1100X and 1600X. The remaining two – the entry-level 400 and the 600X – are ported. Driver sizes vary from a compact 8-inch for the Dynamo 400 to a massive 15-incher for the 1600X. The entry-level 400 does not offer the remote app and ARC features of its larger brethren, but focuses on bang for the buck instead.

The first shipment of Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofers has just landed in South Africa.

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