More Melody from Marantz

Following on the recent launch of the new Melody M-CR612 (also known as the Melody X), Marantz has added a lower-specced, more affordable model to its all-in-one lifestyle hi-fi family.

The M-CR412 still offers an integrated CD player, built-in Bluetooth, a pair of optical digital inputs and an FM stereo tuner, as well as Internet radio and network streaming. Also on board is a USB Type A input that’s compatible with DSD up to DSD5.6, as well as WAV, FLAC and ALAC files up ton 192 kHz/24-bit.

Like the Melody X, the newcomer makes provision for two separate speaker zones, with a stereo set of binding posts for each. There’s also a dedicated subwoofer output, for easy sat/sub speaker configurations, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

But it lacks its sibling’s HEOS-driven multiroom capability, as well as the integrated streaming service access. Neither Apple AirPlay nor Google Chromecast are catered for.

Rated output is 2x 60 watts, or 4x 30 watts, and the Melody M-CR-412 comes in either silver or black finishes. Local availability is imminent.

HFX Systems