McIntosh celebrates 70 years with special system

Two new products, sold as a special commemorative system, have been released by McIntosh Labs to celebrate its 70th Anniversary in 2019.

Together, the C70 pre-amp and MC2152 power amplifier form a special 70th Anniversary commemorative system, complete with special markings and matching serial numbers. A specially produced book is also included.

Adding to the rarity value and collectability of the system is the limited availability of the system, with only 70 scheduled for production. McIntosh will donate US$1 000 to the Save The Children foundation for each system sold.

The C70 features an all-analogue design and distinctive retro styling. It features a single 12AT7 vacuum tube and five 12AX7A valves, all visible through a glass panel incorporated into the top cover.

The seven inputs include two balanced XLR sockets, three single-ended RCA inputs, and a choice of moving magnet or moving coil phono connections. The C70 caters for both balanced and single-ended outputs, with a choice of two pairs for each.

Other facilities include a built-in headphone amp with McIntosh’s proprietary HXD technology, while the switchgear comprises traditional knobs and rocker switches, in line with the retro execution.

The MC2152 power amp is rated at 150 watts/channel, maintained almost regardless of speaker impedance. It uses eight KT88 output tubes, accompanied by four 12AX7A and four 12AT7 signal tubes. The tubes are lit by LEDs that can be switched between blue and green illumination – or switched off.

The amplifier features a black anodised aluminium chassis with matt carbon fibre side panels, while the fascia boasts a laser-cut, backlit McIntosh logo. The tubes are protected by a black, powder-coated cage.

The McIntosh 70th Anniversary system will retail for US$22 000. Once the 70 commemorative systems have sold out, the C70 and MC2152 will still be available for purchase as separate components.

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