Magico grows M-Series with carbon-based M2

It’s not exactly an entry-level loudspeaker, but by Magico’s elevated M Series standards, the new M2 is more accessible than the even dearer M3 and M6.

The arresting, almost organic shape is executed in carbon fibre, with multiple layers ensuring an ultra-stiff, ultra-strong and highly inert enclosure that has a strength-to-weight ratio 60 times better than extruded or machined aluminium.

It’s also 50 percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than a comparable aluminium enclosure, while maintaining the same internal volume. That organic shape, with its curved surfaces, also addresses internal standing waves and external diffraction.

The driver complement includes a 28mm beryllium dome tweeter with a diamond coating to boost stiffness without adding weight, and an unusually extended excursion movement, allowing wide dispersion and low distortion.

The tweeter is partnered by a new 152mm midrange, and a pair of 177mm woofers, all of which feature a carbon weave reinforced with graphene to create a compound that’s 20 percent lighter and 300 percent stiffer than previous Magico cone materials.

The midrange is housed in a dedicated sub-enclosure to isolate it from the dual woofer array, and features an underslung motor system with a pair of large magnets to create a large, uniform magnetic field for the titanium voice coil.

The drivers are managed by Magico’s elliptical symmetry crossover, utilising selected Mundorf capacitors and other high-end components, while a three-axis matrix framework with a trio of tension rods ensures substantial bracing, preventing resonances and colouration.

The new M2 has a rated sensitivity of 88dB and a nominal 4 ohm impedance, while the claimed frequency response extends from 26 Hz to 50 kHz. Retail pricing is pegged at US$56 000, which excludes the optional US$7 600 MPOD plinth – and that’s before shipping, duties and VAT …

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