Magic Mat promises vinyl heaven

Dereneville’s Magic Mat has already earned itself an enviable reputation among vinyl playback enthusiasts. Made in Germany, the ultra-thin platter mat is meant to improve sonic performance by controlling the resonant behaviour of LPs during playback.

According to Dereneville, the Magic Mat addresses the micro-resonance distortion prevalent during vinyl playback, especially in the case of thinner discs by creating a perfect marriage between the vinyl record and the turntable platter.

Sonic benefits claimed by the manufacturer include improved lower bass response, enhanced image clarity, and a more deeper, more dimensional sounstage.

The Magic Mat also offers effective anti-static properties, preventing noisy static discharges. Any dust on the record surface will adhere to the mat, and won’t end up on any records played subsequently, either.

The mat combines a thin but strong fibreglass core sandwiched between two layers of silicone, and is only 0,38 mm thick. According to Dereneville, adjustments to the tonearm height should therefore not be necessary.

The Magic Mat is imported and distributed in South Africa by Lowveld Audio.

Lowveld Audio