Junior Reference from GoldenEar Technology

GoldenEar Technology has augmented its range-topping Triton Reference loudspeaker with a more compact, more affordable model, dubbed the One.R.

The newcomer shares the Reference’s high-gloss black lacquer exterior, narrow dimensions and rounded grille, but it’s almost exactly 10cm shorter, 5cm shallower and 3cm narrower than the original Triton Reference. It’s also about 30 percent cheaper.

According to GoldenEar, the One.R was created to bring the performance and aesthetic appeal of the award-winning Reference to a broader audience.

The inert, heavily braced and damped medite enclosure features the trademark narrow baffle typical of the entire Triton range in order to minimise diffraction-related artefacts and enhance transparency. Non-parallel sides combat standing waves.

Like the Reference, the One.R gets an integrated active subwoofer with 1,6kW of power and 56-bit digital signal processing to ensure a flat, extended frequency response.

The sub employs a trio of front-mounted 5×9-inch quadratic woofers, and no less than four 7×10-inch bass radiators, two on either side of the cabinet.

The remainder of the driver complement consists of a pair of newly developed 133mm mid/bass drivers and another GoldenEar trademark: a high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter.

Claimed frequency response is 13 Hz to 35 kHz, while the One.R’s 92 dB efficiency promises an easy load for amplifiers.

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