Ishiwata celebrates 40th anniversary with Marantz KI Ruby

Marantz is celebrating four decades of association with audiophile extraordinaire and long-time Marantz brand ambassador, Ken Ishiwata, by releasing a new audiophile integrated amplifier and matching SACD deck.

It’s the first special edition featuring the maestro’s initials since the KI Pearl components, which have become sought-after collector’s items.

Not surprisingly, the new PM-KI Ruby amp and SA-KI Ruby disc player were developed in conjunction with Ishiwata, who has had a close hand in fine-tuning many of Marantz’s past and current models, including the current PM-10 and SA-10 flagships (see reviews here and here respectively).

The SA-KI Ruby will apparently slot in between the SA-14S1 and the SA-10 with similar positioning for the PM-KI Ruby between the PM-14S1 and the PM-10. The KI Ruby duo is expected to be offered in limited numbers only, and should again be instantly collectible.

Both units borrow heavily from the flagship SA-10 and PM-10 in technology terms, including the SA-10’s bespoke disc drive and MMM decoding DAC, while specially selected circuit components are employed throughout. Add Ishiwata’s personal tweaks, and the KI Ruby units should be something special.

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