HiFiMAN replaces 400 Series with Sundara

Headphone and personal stereo specialist HifiMAN has released the all-new Sundara, a planar magnetic headphone that replaces the highly regarded HE-400 series.

The newcomer features membranes that are 80 percent thinner than those of the HE-400, ensuring further improvements in detail retrieval and frequency response. The latter now extends from just 6 Hz to 75 kHz, while a consistent impedance of just 37 ohms ensures compatibility with smartphones and personal stereo players.

The Sundara features a new headband design for improved comfort and adjustability, while the earcups and their mounts are made of aluminium instead of the HE-400’s composite versions. Even so, weight has been limited to just 372g.

The newcomer’s earpads are derived from the HE-1000 V2, and feature a polyester layer on the ear side for added comfort during extended listening sessions, while the headband and the remaining parts of the ear pads employ faux leather.

A removable 1,5m cable terminated with a 3,5 mm minijack plug is provided, together with a full-size jackplug adapter.

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