Furutech’s latest power distributors

The latest Furutech e-TP86 and e-TP86E slimline power distributors promise the same engineering excellence and attention to detail as the company’s extensive catalogue of top-end accessories.

The new power distributors, available in 10A and 15A versions respectively, feature a high-grade aluminium chassis with RFI-shielding properties, while Furutech’s own 14 AWG μ-14 cable is used for the internal wiring to ensure low electrical resistance.

The eight 20A high-performance, gold-plated FPX(G) power receptacles feature gold-plated phosphor bronze conductors for longevity and optimised power transfer, and are coupled to a high-grade FI-06(G) IEC socket.

Additional key features include a high-performance circuit breaker, and special damping material under each duplex receptacle. The 10A version is rated at 2 500 watts maximum, while the 15A model has a 1 875 watt rating.

Furutech lists improved delicacy, refinement and nuance as key audio performance benefits when using the e-TP86 and e-TP86E. Displays show improved resolution with less ghosting and colour shift.

The Audio Visual Boutique