Furutech pushes copper’s boundaries

Furutech power cable

High-end cable specialist Furutech’s latest power cable is the limited-edition DPS-4, which employs a new copper technology dubbed Alpha OCC-DUCC.

The designation refers to the cable’s combination of Dia-Ultra Crystallized Copper (DUCC), and Furutech’s already familiar Alpha OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper. The resulting copper compound is considered one of the best conductors for signal transmission and sound reproduction.

The DUCC copper, developed by Mitsubishi Materials Industries, involves recrystallization of the copper to release and remove pollutants, which allows the optimal alignment of the copper crystal grain structure, while also reducing crystal grain boundaries.

For the DPS-4 power cable, Furutech employs three layers of conductors, each of which differs with regards to the number of individual strands, the direction of the winding, and the type of material employed.

Thus, the inner bundle consists of 79 Alpha-OCCC strands, twisted clockwise. The next layer is wound onto the first, and uses 37 DUCC strands, twisted anti-clockwise. The third, final core employs 42 DUCC strands, twisted clockwise, and with a total diameter of 2,75 mm2. Overall cable diameter is 17 mm.

The cable retails for approximately R8 000/metre off-reel (exchange rate dependent), and should be partnered with Furutech’s flagship FI-50 NCF power plugs for optimal results.