Furutech extends NCF Booster range

Cable and accessories specialist Furutech has extended its NCF Booster range. The NCF Booster is a cable elevation, support and damping device designed to address resonance and interference in power and signal cables using a modular array of adjustable clamps and supports.

The NCF Booster-Signal joins the NFC Booster as a more affordable solution, designed specifically to offer NCF damping for signal connectors (as opposed to loudspeaker cables and power cables).

The original  NCF Booster (read our review here) uses a support with a curved cradle and top clamp, while the Booster-Signal employs a support with a flat cradle. Clamps, cradles and extension shafts can be purchased individually to custom-configure the system for specific applications.

Furutech claims its Nano Crystal Formula (NCF) uses a proprietary crystalline material that generates negative ions to eliminate static, while converting thermal energy into far infrared. By combining this material with ceramic particles and carbon powder, the resulting NCF compound delivers electrical and mechanical damping.

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