Furutech connectors now with NCF

Furutech’s revolutionary NCF material, which is at the core of the brand’s highly effective cable support products, is being introduced in a new range of high-end connectors.

Furutech describes NCF as a crystalline material that generates negative ions, which in turn eliminate static. NCF also converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines NCF with ceramic particles and carbon powder to add piezo-electrical damping to the resulting compound.

The material is now offered in a new range of connectors. The FI-48 (R) NCF line-up combines pure copper, rhodium-plated conductors with an NCF-infused nylon/fibreglass body and a polished non-magnetic housing.

The new connectors are also offered with silver-plated and gold-plated copper conductors.

In addition, the new FI-8.1N NCF Figure 8-series connectors combine NFC damping with rhodium-plated copper and a new slimline design. Again, the connectors can be specified with goid-plated conductors.

The benefits of NCF have also been added t Furutech’s Figure 8 connector, designated the FI-8N NFC. It retains the traditional rhodium-plated beryllium copper and phosphor bronze conductors.

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