Exposure reveals new amps

British audio brand Exposure has launched a new flagship range to replace the ageing MCX Series. The new 5010 line-up is slimmer and lighter than its illustrious forebear, but doesn’t skimp on performance, the company claims.

The initial line-up consists of a pre-amplifier and a monoblock. While the clean, uncluttered aesthetics are reminiscent of Exposure’s 2010 and 3010 series, the innards express close attention to detail and a commitment to sonic quality.

The 5010 monoblock employs an 800 watt power transformer, a pair of 1 000 microFarad capacitors, and eight power transistors. The input and secondary amplifier stages use a cascade circuit design, with Welwyn resistors and both polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors.

The 5010 pre-amplifier offers six line inputs switched by high-quality relays. In of the input sets can be configured as a MM or MC phono stage by opting for an additional circuit board. Alternatively, a DAC plug-in load offers PCM up to 192 kHz/24-bit, as well as DSD64, with both USB and BNC inputs.

Under the covers, highlights include a 200 watt transformer, fast rectifiers, and 24 smoothing capacitors.

UK pricing is UK£2 000 for the 5010 pre-amp and UK£4 550 for a pair of 5010 monoblocks.