Even more shine for Ortofon’s MC Anna

A long-time favourite among vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers, Ortofon’s MC Anna moving-coil cartridge has already established itself as a top-end model, with the price to match. Now there’s an even more advanced version to take over the flagship role.

The MC Anna’s extra brilliance (pun intended) comes from its use of a solid diamond cantilever, instead of the boron version employed on the standard model. It retains the proprietary Replicant 100 diamond stylus, as well as the titanium body.

The MC Anna and MC Anna Diamond also share the same magnet system, and the resonance-free WRD armature. The Diamond version’s diamond cantilever delivers further improvements in terms of speed, fluidity and harmonic reproduction, Ortofon claims.

The Anna name is a tribute to opera star Anna Netrebko, renowned for her virtuoso performances and glittering technical prowess.

The key specifications of the Anna Diamond remain identical to those of the standard version, including a low 6 ohm output impedance, and a 0,2 mV output. It’s recommended for use with high-mass, high-precision tonearms.

Order books are already open, with an expected local retail price of around R190 000, depending on exchange rate and final confirmation.

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