Edge celebrates 50 years of Cambridge Audio

UK audio stalwart Cambridge Audio is set to release a no-holds-barred flagship range to commemorate the founding of the company half a century ago.

The new Edge range has been in development for three years, and promises to set new standards for the ‘Great British Sound’ that Cambridge has been synonymous with. The development process focussed on sonic merit, pure signal paths and beautiful industrial design.

Technologies employed include Cambridge’s StreamMagic streaming engine, which allows playback from virtually any source and has been specifically optimised for its deployment in the Edge range.

The amplifiers use Class XA tech, which links Class A performance to improved efficiency, as well as dual, opposing symmetry toroidal power transformers. The Edge components are fitted with bespoke printed circuit boards featuring DC-coupled technology, while short signal paths and a minimalist design ensure signal purity and integrity, the company says.

The result is a line-up consisting of the Edge A integrated amplifier, Edge NQ pre-amp/network player, and Edge W power amplifier.

The Edge A delivers 100 watts/channel RMS into 8 ohms and double that into 4 ohms, and features both single-ended and balanced inputs, as well an integrated DAC with USB, SPDIF and Toslink inputs.

The Edge W power amplifier has the same power output rating as the Edge A, and offers both single-ended and balanced inputs, while the Edge NQ has a full suite of digital inputs, including 384 kHz/32-bit PCM via USB as well as 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sales commence in Europe in July. SA launch dates have not been confirmed.

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