Direct-drive Thorens turntable debuts

Thorens took analogue fans by surprise at the recent High End Munich show with the release of its first direct-drive turntable in more than three decades.

The TD 402 DD harks back to the marque’s famous TD Series turntables, but is an all-new design that features a silent direct-drive motor with a switchable auto shut-off function. Also new is the TP 72 tonearm, fitted with a carbon tube and changeable headshell.

Other highlights include a damped platter, and a built-in phono stage compatible with moving magnet cartridges. An Audio Technica AT95VM E cartridge is fitted as standard.

Designed for ease of use, the TD 402 DD comes ready to use, with minimal set-up required. Once unpacked, the only actions required by the buyer are locating the platter on the drive shaft, balancing the tonearm, and adjusting the tracking force and anti-skating.

The TD 402 DD’s solid MDF plinth can be ordered with high-gloss black or walnut wood veneer finishes, while a clear dust cover is supplied as standard. A brushed aluminium top plate adds to the deck’s visual appeal.

Sales are expected to commence in August, with a European retail price of 799 Euros.