Chord expands its Ultima amp family

Chord Electronics has released a pair of monoblocks featuring technology from its high-end, Ultima flagship power amp. The Ultima 2 and Ultima 3 replace Chord’s SPM-6000 and SPM-4000 amps, and link their Ultima DNA to fresh aesthetics.

The casework of the two newcomers is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, and features a 28 mm thick front fascia featuring a prominent, illuminated power button. Both units are compatible with Chord’s stackable leg sideblock system, or can be fitted with black acrylic side panels as an alternative.

Under the covers, the amplifier design is based on Bob Cordell’s dual feed-forward, error-correcting topology, but combined with Chord’s own advances in terms of ultra-high frequency power supplies. The design features 32 proprietary MOSFETs.

The Ultima 2 is rated at 750 watts RMS, while the Ultima 3 delivers 480 watts RMS of power. Both models offer a choice of balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs.

UK prices for the Ultima 2 and 3 are UK£18 360 and UK£11 000 respectively.

Chord Electronics