Chord Electronics shows new amp, updated DAC

British high-end brand Chord Electronics has unveiled a new stereo power amplifier, and a significantly updated version of its Dave TT DAC/headphone amp.

Unveiled at least week’s High End show in Munich, the Etude stereo power amp combines a small footprint with loads of muscle and top-class performance, Chord claims. The newcomer is a 150 watt/channel Class AB amp featuring an all-new circuit topology, and tech borrowed from then aerospace industry.

Designed to partner Chord’s Dave DAC, which also includes pre-amp capabilities, the Etude uses multi-feedback and dual feed-forward error-correction processes to adapt the individual linearity of the amp’s proprietary, high-current MOSFETs.

The Etude employs three separate switch-mode power supplies (one for each channel, plus a third for auxiliary power rails). It can be set to bridged mono mode, upping power output to 300 watts.

The new Hugo TT2 is an upgraded version of the original Hugo TT DAC/pre-amp/headphone amp. It features fresh new exterior design, coupled to substantially upgraded processing power, allowing improved PCM data stream conversion of up to 768 kHz, and compatibility with DSD512.

The Hugo TT2 uses a significantly more powerful custom-coded Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA (field-programmable gate array), while other performance-enhancing improvements include a new discrete output stage between then DAC output and the filter stage.

Six super capacitors with high dynamic current capability replace the battery power supply of the previous model, while the Hugo 2’s four-stage filter controls are now incoproated in the TT2 as well.