DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner: Cleaning up

October 16, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Dust and grime are the enemy of any vinyl playback system. That’s especially true of the phono cartridge – and the stylus, in particular. DS Audio has come up with an ingeniously simple, user-friendly and effective solution. By Deon Schoeman […]

More headroom, more style

October 16, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

McIntosh Labs has released a new stereo power amplifier. The 300 watt MC312 replaces the MC302, but while nominal power output has remained unchanged, McIntosh claims that dynamic headroom has been upped by 27 percent. Improvements include doubling the filter […]

Global awards honour world’s best

October 16, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

While there’s nothing new about annual awards honouring best-in-class audio components, the Rocky Mountain International HIFI Press Awards (RIHPA) are unique in that they are judged by an international panel of audio publications from around the world. The awards are […]

Paradigm 800F: Reaching for the sonic stars

October 9, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Paradigm’s latest Premier range draws from the advanced technology applied to the Canadian marque’s high-end Persona line-up, even though it’s a few rungs lower on the seniority ladder. Now wonder then that the flagship Premier 800F is a sonically splendid […]

Purists will love the Rotel RSP-1576

October 9, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Rotel’s latest surround sound processor is bang up to date with all the latest surround sound formats, codecs and technologies. But the RSP-1576 also pays particular attention to audio and video signal routing and integrity to ensure superior performance. Thus, […]

Yamaha MusicCast WXAD-10: Baby box of tricks

October 2, 2018 Deon Schoeman 0

Don’t judge this book by its cover! The Yamaha WXAD-10 might look like an innocuous little box, but its feature set is impressive: it adds streaming capability to anything from existing stereo systems to lifestyle mini-systems, and delivers the sonic […]