B&O’s Edge is a smooth operator

With a design that’s perfectly rounded, it’s clear that the name of the new Bang & Olufsen Edge wireless speaker hasn’t been inspired by its smooth shape. Instead, it’s most likely a reference to the edgy, contemporary style it exudes.

The circular speaker measures 51cm in diameter and can be stood up vertically on the floor or mounted laterally on a convenient wall. Either way, the striking design means it won’t go unnoticed.

But there’s more to the Edge than sculptural, contemporary design. Its smooth contours hide some pretty advanced tech, including what B&O claims is the world’s first active bass port.

The port remains closed at lower listening levels to benefit precision and detail, but opens at higher volume levels to boost low-frequency response.

The driver complement consists of a generous 200mm woofer, combined with a 102 mm midrange and a 1,9 mm tweeter on the front baffle, while the rear baffle gets a second midrange/tweeter array.

The polished aluminium enclosure incorporates a touch-sensitive control set, while the drivers are protected by a black cloth cover. More grille colour options are set to be introduced later.

The sound direction can be user-defined via a dedicated control app, allowing it to project sound to predetermined active and passive listening areas. Connectivity options include 802.11 Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Chromecast.

Bang & Olufsen