AVSA Relaunch

Hello AVSA readers.

It as been a little over a month now since Deon’s passing, and I are still coming to grips with what that means for Audio Video and the website. I do know two things: I do not want the community that is built around the website to be lost, and I will not be able to replace or replicate Deon’s contribution to AVSA’s content. I did think about continuing the reviews section but to be honest, there is simply no one that I would trust to follow on from his writing, and I am not gifted in the same way that Deon was. What I will be doing is moving the current Reviews, News and Music sections into the Archives section and keep the How-To articles on the Main menu as I see them as a valuable resource. The trade offers and Distributors sections will also be kept on the main menu.

But it is not lost on me, and I know that Deon was also aware that the Classifieds section of the website has a dedicated and engaging following. I will continue to run them as we have in the past.

Over the coming weeks you will notice some incidental changes as we start to move the website towards a dedicated market place for AV equipment, starting with the use of Google Adwords. This covers our hosting costs so I would appreciate it if you whitelist the site on your adblocker. At the moment these adverts feel far more clunky than the dedicated adverts we had on previously, and I am working on integrating them into the new version of the site.

Fundamentally, nothing is going to change with the Classifieds section of the website; it will always be free to use, and will become the focal point for the website.

Thank you for your on going support.