Audeze launches lighter, easier LCD-4z

While many regard the flagship Audeze LCD-4 as a true reference-standard headphone, it’s also true that it’s not that its 200 ohm impedance doesn’t make it the easiest headphone to drive.

Audeze’s response is the new LCD-4z – an additional, revised version of the original that links new aesthetics and a slimmed-down design to amp-friendlier electronics.

Visually, the LCD-4z looks similar to its high-impedance stablemate, but replaces the original’s silver finishes with gold accents. AT 450g, it’s also slightly lighter than the 600g LCD-4, thanks to a new magnesium housing.

But the most important difference is the fitment of new voice coils, which allow the LCD-4z to offer a much more amp-friendly impedance of just 15 ohms. The transducer size of the planar magnetic headphone remains 106 mm, while rated sensitivity is 98 dB/1mW. Pricing is the same as the standard LCD-4.