Aesthetix offers upgraded Saturn Series

US high-end audio brand Aesthetix has released upgraded versions of its Saturn Series components. Dubbed the Eclipse edition, the enhancements include new circuit components, improved chassis isolation and sophisticated power supply grounding.

The new circuit components include the use of exotic StealthCap capacitors in inter-stage and output coupling roles. The capacitors are individually hand-crafted and tailored for their application in the Eclipse edition models.

Additional signal path upgrades include the use of high-frequency tuning capacitors in the Eclipse-enhanced versions of the Janus and Calypso pre-amps, which allows frequency response to be adjusted to 0,1 dB tolerances.

New, super-matched output devices in the Atlas power amp lower certain aspects of output stage distortion by up to 40 dB. Distributed node film capacitors have been added to each of the 32 bi-polar output devices, further reducing impedance to boostg current capacity while benefiting transient capability.

Eclipse edition components feature power transformers isolated from the chassis via bespoke isolation mounts to address mechanical vibration, while damping material is applied to key chassis points to reduce noise from airborne and mechanical sources.

There are also new power supplies for the Rhea phono stage and the Calypso and Janus pre-amps, while a single-point grounding system has been introduced to further reduce ground-induced noise.

Instead of rubber feet, all Eclipse edition components rest on Nimbus Couplers, made specifically for Aesthetix by Harmonic Resolutions Systems.

Existing Saturn series components can be upgraded to Eclipse Edition level.