For the best part of three decades, Audio Video SA published South Africa’s only truly local audio and video magazine. The monthly A4 publication served a small but loyal following, and while it started out also covering photographic and video-specific components, it eventually crystallised into a magazine for hi-fi, home theatre and music lovers, with a mix of news, product reviews and features aimed at that audience.

By 2017 however, producing the magazine had become unviable, and the last printed issue of Audio Video was published in June that year. In its place, we’re now producing an on-line portal offering a similar mix of content, still with a South Africa-specific focus.

Prices are quoted in SA Rands, and products reviewed are typically available through conventional retail channels in South Africa. However, much of what’s available in sunny South Africa is also sold in the rest of the world.

We’ve included some of the previously published material as PDFs in our Archives and How-To Sections, while fresh copy is posted daily in our news and weekly in our reviews sections. The ever-popular Classifieds still provide private sellers and buyers with an on-line shop window of used hi-fi and AV gear, while you’ll also find a list of importers/distributors, and a selection of trade offers, on the site.

Audio Video is proudly independent, and while we depend on income from banner advertising, we are in no way connected to our advertisers. Our reviews are proudly subjective, and conducted in a listening room emulating real-world conditions. We always contextualise reviews by highlighting the associated equipment, and the music/movies used.

To contact us directly, e-mail Audio Video at info @ avsa.co.za