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Latest Classifieds

SPEAKER CABLE BI-WIRE - Placed by Michael | 2015-10-08 | R1 000 | 081 854-9344 Cape Town
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PARADIGM MONITOR 5 V3 SPEAKERS - Placed by Michael | 2015-10-08 | R4 000 | 081 854-9344 Cape Town
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MARANTZ SR4320 RECEIVER - Placed by Michael | 2015-10-08 | R2 000 | 081 854-9344 Cape Town
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QUAD 2 VALVE AMPLIFIERS - Placed by Gerrit | 2015-10-07 | R7 500 | 076 095-2853 Pretoria
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KLIPSCH HERESY 2 VINATGE SPEAKERS - Placed by Gerrit | 2015-10-07 | R3 900 | 076 095-2853 Pretoria
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